Technics DTZ

   DTZ isn’t just one of a brand name, which you can see on reliable agricultural equipment. DTZ may be considered as a quality mark, because the equipment is carefully chosen and multistage tested. To tell the truth, DTZ is more than a formal brand approved by The Global standards, DTZ is our life, it’s who we are. We pawn our honor, reputation and our future for DTZ equipment quality. That’s why we introduce into production advanced technologies, use the best and approved components as well as complete the most important assembly stages by hands.

   Tractor DTZ came into existence by virtue of a long and hard researching work of world-class tractors technical capabilities and their compliance with the climate conditions, different soil types in all regions of Ukraine, cultivated corps peculiarities and native producers financial resources. The fruitful work results aren’t long in coming – nowadays every Ukrainian farmer can afford buying a world-class tractor on a lower price, but the quality remains at the international standards level.